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Last Breakfast with cheese - grain mix

Brand: Last Breakfast

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100 g
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Last Breakfast with cheese - grain mix

Last Breakfast with cheese - grain mix




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  • Grain is a traditional food base for lures, the most cheap and affordable. Especially effective against house mice, gerbils, Bank voles and gophers (a small mountain, long-tailed)
  • The bait is a mixture of crushed grains of different species (oats, wheat, barley, etc.) and added natural flavor of the cheese so that the product has exceptional attractiveness to rodents and 100% palatability.
  • Fatal share may be obtained from animals in the diet one day.
  • The lure does not lose its poisonous qualities in an open area (in the garden, in the field)
  • Death occurs 5-10 day that makes rodents a cautious attitude towards the bait.
  • Bait laid in places where traces of life of the rodents close to their burrows, runways, along walls and partitions, etc.
  • Habitat house mice, depending on their size, laid out bait piles at a distance of 2-5 m from each other, one place to pickup consume 10-20 g of bait.
  • The habitat of rats, depending on their size, substrate, with the bait located at a distance of 3-10 m from each other or in places where piedemonte bait most likely. One place layout spend (100-150 grams) of bait.
  • The bait laid out for two days, during which monitor its palatability. If bait is eaten, the layout of the bait, I repeat, by increasing its quantity. Of the places where the bait is not touched by the rodents, it is transferred to where it is consumed.
  • The processing of the object (premises) finish when the bait remains uneaten in all areas of its layout.
  • Ready to use the tool in the form of a grain mixture in which, to enhance the attractive ability, added natural flavor of the cheese.
  • For rodent control in and around dwellings, outbuildings and in the garden
  • The bait is suitable for use in dry and wet areas, sewers, basements, cellars and underground structures.

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