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The NPC RODEMOS" carries out designing, development and production of buoyancy modules made of polyethylene for the construction of floating objects, containers, polymer and consumer transport for food and non-food products, containers for dangerous goods, installation of floating objects of the modules of the buoyancy and the surrender of their lease.

The companys quality policy is based on the principles of professionalism and flexibility of employees, versatility, efficiency and timeliness of production and service delivery.
Many years of experience, effective management system, consistency of actions of all participants, allow us to ensure compliance with the requirements, including legislative and provision of high quality products and services.

The company develops together with the market, promptly tracking and considering economic and legislative changes therefore we are always ready to offer the most qualitative, effective and economic decisions adapted to requirements, including legislative and wishes of the client.
The user creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and support highly qualified staff.

The tool of implementation of this Policy is the quality management system, the constant improvement of the effectiveness of which is carried out through the planned actions and monitored through the established targets in all activities.

The management of the organization undertakes not to make decisions that contradict the quality Policy and allocate the necessary resources for its implementation.
The management of the Company guarantees that the quality policy will be periodically analyzed in order to continuously improve the quality management system.