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Mouse poison - grain pellets

Brand: К_с


Usage: Deratisation

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150 g
15.18 rub.

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Mouse poison - grain pellets

Mouse poison - grain pellets




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  • 6 (six) times more economical than any grain bait: for a single mouse eating 5 g of granules and 100% loss occurs in 5-10 day.
  • In the bait used in food ingredients and flavors, only the highest quality, so the products have an exceptional attraction for rodents and 100% palatability.
  • Pellets are resistant to weathering - can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Regardless of the weather conditions, the tool saves the toxicity for a long time.
  • Gradual development of symptoms of poisoning does not cause rodents are reluctant to pellets and to prevent avoidance of bait by rodents.
    Has a mummifying effect (the carcass of the deceased rodent is not decomposed, and modificeres).
  • Bait laid in places where traces of life of the rodents close to their burrows, runways, along walls and partitions, etc.
  • Habitat house mice, depending on their size, laid out bait piles at a distance of 2-5 m from each other, one place to pickup consume 10-20 g of bait.
  • The bait laid out for two days, during which monitor its palatability. If bait is eaten, the layout of the bait, I repeat, by increasing its quantity. Of the places where the bait is not touched by the rodents, it is transferred to where it is consumed.
  • The processing of the object (premises) finish when the bait remains uneaten in all areas of its layout.
  • Ready to use the tool in the form of a mixture of grain and pellets (granules corn-based) to combat with house mice, gerbils, red voles and gophers (a small mountain, long-tailed) in and around dwellings, outbuildings and in the garden
  • The tool is suitable for use in dry and wet areas, sewers, basements, cellars and underground structures.

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