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Glue «TRAPCOLL» - from rodents

Brand: Trapcoll

Article: 4607060890662

Usage: Deratisation

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135 g
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Glue «TRAPCOLL» - from rodents

Glue «TRAPCOLL» - from rodents




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  • GLUE "TRAPCOLL" does not contain toxic substances, is environmentally friendly, has no color, does not spread, moisture resistant, not susceptible to weathering.
  • The adhesive can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Safe if inhaled and cause irritation in case of accidental contact with skin. Has a specific transparent sticky consistency, do not lose their properties with time.
  • For trapping mice GLUE "TRAPCOLL" applied on smooth cardboard with a stripe width of 1 cm.
  • For catching rats use plywood or plastic stand, the width of the adhesive strip in this case 3 cm.
  • In the center of the trap, put the food (good version – bread with unrefined sunflower oil). 
  • Stands are placed at points most likely to the migration of rodents.
  • Characteristic stickiness means irreversible after 30 minutes after application.
  • When the mouse or rat caught in the trap, throw it away.
  • GLUE "TRAPCOLL" is an ideal environmentally friendly mechanical means to capture rodents in an open area, inside the premises, catering establishments, childcare facilities and food warehouses, where it is forbidden the use of poison baits.
  • Adhesive mass is applied to the bottom layer that sticks to the rodent dies in two or three hours from lack of moisture and movement that are vital.

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