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Bait house (glue trap for mice)


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Bait house (glue trap for mice)

Bait house (glue trap for mice)




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Orgalitovoj cardboard or a plate for catching rodents, which are deposited transparent colourless glue.

To remove the protective layer of paper over the adhesive surface of the plate. For catching house mice - sticky plate placed in places where traces of their activity (droppings, insects, holes) around the perimeter of rooms, under furniture, around garbage cans, buckets. To attract rodents to the sticky plate add croutons or slices of toasted bread placed in the center. Consumption - 2 surface of 10 m2. The catching efficiency of traps for mice is reduced at a temperature of + 30°C. If contaminated, sticky plate (dirt, debris, insects, rodents) it is replaced by a new plate. If necessary, the adhesive plate can be moved to another location.

For catching small rodents (mice, voles, grey rats, weighing not more than 100 g).

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