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K_c grey rats - dough-cheese briquettes

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K_c grey rats - dough-cheese briquettes

K_c ot serih kris

K_c grey rats - dough-cheese briquettes




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  • Causes 100% mortality of gray rats for 5-10 days.
  • For the death of the gray rat, a single eating dough and cheese cake.
  • The composition of the soft pellets, in addition to the active substance, are as attractive fresh dough with cheese, sunflower oil and vanilla, each briquette separately wrapped in edible rice paper – it provides an exceptional attraction, and a 100 % palatability bait rats.
  • Gradual development of symptoms of poisoning does not cause the rats are reluctant to briquettes to prevent avoidance of bait by rodents.
  • The briquette resistant to atmospheric influences. They can be used both indoor and in the open countryside.
  • Regardless of the weather conditions retain toxicity for a long time (outdoors in a bait box briquettes over 2 years do not lose their toxic properties).
  • Have a mummifying effect (the carcass of the deceased rodent is not decomposed, and modificeres).
  • The tool is placed in the previously identified habitats of rodents, it is spread in the ground, under cover using the adapted containers (bait boxes, drainage pipes, trays, boxes, etc.).
  • The bait is spread on 2-3 briquettes from the gray of rats. The distance between the points of pickup tools 2-15 m depending on the space and clutter of rodents.
  • Laid out the bait inspected 1-2 days after pickup, and then at intervals of 1 week.
  • The portions in which the bait is partially or completely eaten up. The portions left untouched by rodents for more than a week, shift to other places they visit. Contaminated or spoiled bait should be changed for a new one.
  • The work lead to the disappearance of rodents.
  • Grey (sewer) rat brings the greatest harm. They live in burrows near water sources, sewers. Live in families or colonies. If you see a rat during the day, then a colony living near you, has more than 50-100 individuals. 
  • Food preferences: always prefer soft foods that contain moisture, either animal or vegetable food, especially cheese and dough.
  • Taking into account the taste preferences of the gray rat was developed by the ready-made bait in the form of soft dough, cheese briquettes is one of the newest and most effective forms of lures.

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