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EXTERMIN-C - from insects

Brand: Rodemos

Article: 4607112040564

Usage: Insecticides

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EXTERMIN-C - from insects

Extermin C remedy for all types of insects

Extermin C remedy for all types of insects

Extermin C remedy for all types of insects

EXTERMIN-C - from insects




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For the destruction of synanthropic insects cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ants, as well as for the treatment of landing sites of flies population in everyday life.

  • Prior to application, the packaging tool thoroughly shaken. Working solutions: for the destruction of cockroaches, bedbugs and flies to 990 ml of water add 10 ml of product; for the destruction of fleas and ants to 995 ml water - 5 ml and mix. Do not use food utensils. The solution was applied with a brush, swab to possible habitat and movement of insects.
  • To destroy cockroaches: treating the cracks along the baseboards and the adjacent parts of the wall and floor, along the water pipes, sewer systems, around sinks, bathrooms and toilets, cracks in walls, door frames, pieces of furniture (cupboards, tables, shelves, racks) from the rear side, etc. the consumption rate of a suspension - 50ml/m2 (non-absorbent surface) and 100 ml/m2 (absorbent surface). During the break between treatments more than one hour stirring the working fluid to repeat. Prepared working solution of suspension to use during the day.
  • To destroy red ants house: process tracking ("track") or the place of their accumulation, the rate of suspension - 100 ml/m2 regardless of the type of treated surface;
  • For the destruction of fleas: the product is applied on the surface of the floor, in the cracks behind the baseboards, in upholstered furniture, the reverse side of carpets, walkways, etc.; wall is treated to a height of one meter. In the presence of Pets at home (dogs, cats) drug treated their habitats.
  • To destroy bed bugs: treating the possible habitat of the cracks in the walls, behind the baseboards, the point of origin of Wallpaper, furniture (sofas, beds, chairs) in addition to surfaces, soft upholstery - the joints of the wooden parts, the attachment of the upholstery, decorations, etc., the rate of suspension - 100 ml/m2 regardless of the type of the treated surface. Bedding not to treat!
  • For the treatment of landing sites of flies: the product is applied on areas of the walls near the Windows, doors, window glass, ceiling etc.
  • Repeated treatment is carried out by entomological testimony, but not earlier than 1 month.

Used by the population in everyday life.

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