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ALT pellets «Warat» - mummifying effect

Brand: ALT

Article: 4607112040250

Usage: Deratisation

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ALT pellets «Warat» - mummifying effect

ALT pellets

ALT pellets «Warat» - mummifying effect




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  • 6 (six) times more economical than any grain bait: for a single mouse eating 5 g of granules and 100% loss occurs in 5-10 day.
  • Pellets "ALT" use of food ingredients and flavors, only the highest quality, so the products have an exceptional attraction for rodents and 100% palatability.
  • Effective against sensitive and resistant to other baits rodents.
  • The lure resistant to weathering - can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Regardless of the weather conditions, the tool saves the toxicity for a long time
  • Gradual development of symptoms of poisoning does not cause rodents are reluctant to pellets and to prevent avoidance of bait by rodents.
  • The lure has a mummifying effect (the carcass of the deceased rodent is not decomposed, and modificeres).
  • The bait is placed in the previously identified habitats of rodents using a special and is only available to rodents capacity - it increases the palatability of the bait, prevents accidental eating birds and other useful animals.
  • When Professor application point of pickup should be numbered, which allows quickly and gently to remove the remains of decomposed bait at the end of deratization works at the facility.
  • The distance between the points of pickup from 2 to 15 m, depending on clutter areas and numbers of rodents.
  • Rats prefer to eat in familiar surroundings; they require large portions of 20 g to 50 g.
  • Mice fed everywhere, they have to put the bait in more places, in small portions 5 g to 10 g (1 tablespoon - 20 g).
  • Upon completion of the work the remains of the bait is collected in a tightly closing container (thick plastic bags, cans, etc.) for subsequent use or disposal.
  • Готовое к применению родентицидное средство в виде пеллет (гранул на зерновой основе) для борьбы с домовыми мышами, крысами, песчанками, рыжими полевками и сусликами (малый горный, длиннохвостый) внутри и вокруг жилых помещений, хозяйственных построек и на приусадебном участке
  • Средство пригодно для использования в сухих и влажных помещениях, канализационной сети, подвалах, погребах и подземных сооружениях.

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