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ALT solid wax pellets

Brand: ALT

Article: 4607112040267

Usage: Deratisation

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50 g
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ALT solid wax pellets

ALT solid wax pellets




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  • Wax briquettes are especially effective for use in a wet environment.
  • The wax included in the composition of the briquette, plays a role as a preservative, preventing the preform from swelling and spilling of appeal (attractant), together with the food components of the lure, making wax pellets have exceptional palatability.
    Fatal share may be obtained from animals in the diet one day.
  • 100% loss occurs not once, but on 5-10th day after a single briquette of eating that does not cause rodents cautious attitude towards the bait.
  • Regardless of the weather conditions, the briquettes retain toxicity for a long time (outdoors in a bait box briquettes over 2 years do not lose their toxic properties).
  • Have a mummifying effect (the carcass of the deceased rodent is not decomposed, and modificeres).
  • The tool is placed in the previously identified habitats of rodents, it is spread in the ground, under cover using the adapted containers (bait boxes, drainage pipes, trays, boxes, etc.).
  • The bait is spread on 2-3 briquettes from grey rats or 1-2 briquettes from house mice. The distance between the points of pickup tools 2-15 m depending on the space and clutter of rodents. The bait is spread from mice more than rats.
  • Laid out the bait inspected 1-2 days after pickup, and then at intervals of 1 week.
  • The portions in which the bait is partially or completely eaten up to the original. The portions left untouched by rodents for more than a week, shift to other places they visit. Contaminated or spoiled bait should be changed for a new one.
  • The work lead to the disappearance of rodents.
  • Готовое к применению родентицидное средство в виде твердых восковых брикетов для борьбы с грызунами внутри и вокруг жилых помещений, хозяйственных построек и на приусадебном участке
  • Брикеты пригодны для применения в сухих и влажных помещениях, канализационной сети, подвалах, погребах и подземных сооружениях.

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