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The minimum order value - 10 000 rub.

Plastic mousetrap



Usage: Deratisation

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1 pc
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Plastic mousetrap

Plastic mousetrap


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- During operation, there is no need to touch the captured rodents, which ensures high hygiene;
- Plastic base does not absorb odors and is easy to clean;
- Reliable highly sensitive mechanism guarantees excellent results

Specifications and functions

- Base size: 89, 5x46 mm
- Base material: plastic
- Base length: 90mm
- Base width: 46mm
- Ability to open without touching the working part: Yes

Minimum order of 10 000 roubles in Order to 30 000 rubles you can pick up by self from a warehouse.

Free shipping in Moscow when buying from 30 000 rubles.

Payment by Bank transfer.