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ALT dough-soft cheese briquettes

Brand: ALT

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Usage: Deratisation

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ALT dough-soft cheese briquettes

ALT dough-soft cheese briquettes




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  • The lure is especially effective against gray and black rats.
  • Causes 100% death of rats mice within 5-10 days.
    For the death of the rodent a single eating dough and cheese cake.
  • The composition of the briquettes "ALT" addition of the active substance included as a attractive fresh dough with cheese, sunflower oil and vanilla, each briquette separately wrapped in edible rice paper – it provides an exceptional attraction, and a 100 % palatability of the bait by rodents.
  • The briquette resistant to atmospheric influences. They can be used both indoor and in the open countryside.
  • Regardless of the weather conditions, the briquettes retain toxicity for a long time (outdoors in a bait box briquettes over 2 years do not lose their toxic properties).
  • Gradual development of symptoms of poisoning in rodents causes a cautious attitude to the briquettes and to prevent avoidance of bait by rodents.
    Have a mummifying effect (the carcass of the deceased rodent is not decomposed, and modificeres).
  • The tool is placed in the previously identified habitats of rodents, it is spread in the ground, under cover using the adapted containers (bait boxes, drainage pipes, trays, boxes, etc.).
  • The bait is spread on 2-3 briquettes from grey rats or 1-2 briquettes from house mice. The distance between the points of pickup tools 2-15 m depending on the space and clutter of rodents. The bait is spread from mice more than rats.
  • Laid out the bait inspected 1-2 days after pickup, and then at intervals of 1 week.
  • The portions in which the bait is partially or completely eaten up. The portions left untouched by rodents for more than a week, shift to other places they visit. Contaminated or spoiled bait should be changed for a new one.
  • The work lead to the disappearance of rodents.
  • Готовое к применению родентицидное средство в виде мягких тесто-сырных брикетов – одна из самых новых и эффективных форм приманок для борьбы со всеми видами грызунов (крысы, домовые мыши, полевые мыши и пр.) внутри и вокруг жилых помещений, хозяйственных построек и на приусадебном участке.
  • Брикеты пригодны для использования в сухих и влажных помещениях, канализационной сети, подвалах, погребах и подземных сооружениях.

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